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EKTEPN's publications as well as publications its international partners are available upon request. They are addressed to policymakers, health professionals working in the field of drugs, university teachers, media and the general public.

Moreover, EKTEPN runs a library with books and papers on addictions in Greek and foreign languages, the major Greek and foreign language journals from the addictions field, published papers on drugs and alcohol by Greek authors, as well as periodical press and newspaper clippings about drugs and alcohol.

EKTEPN systematically keeps track of and promotes drug- and alcohol-related books and papers by Greek specialists. In this context, it publishes yearly the Greek Bibliography on Drugs and the Greek Bibliography on Alcohol, containing published works on drugs and alcohol by Greek authors and their abstracts.

The published works included in the Greek Bibliography on Drugs and the Greek Bibliography on Alcohol are also available in electronic form on the electronic database, where you can find information about all the drug- and alcohol-related scientific papers by Greek authors published either in Greece or abroad in the period 1975-2009.



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