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EKTEPN's Alcohol Unit monitors and records over time the parameters that are related to alcohol use and abuse in Greece.

EKTEPN collects and presents data on:

  • the prevention interventions designed to prevent alcohol use,
  • the services provided by alcohol dependence treatment programmes,
  • the number and the socio-demographic characteristics of individuals who contact specialised treatment structures to seek treatment,
  • the legal framework governing the dispensing and consumption of alcohol in Greece,
  • the prevalence of use in the general and the school populations, and consumption patterns over time and in comparison with other countries, by analysing data derived from the UMHRI surveys of the use of licit and illicit substances in Greece,
  • the inspections carried out by the Alcohol, Alcoholic Beverages, Wine and Beer Directorate of the Greek State General Chemical Laboratory,
  • drunk driving and the contribution of alcohol use to road accidents, collected by the Traffic Police Directorate of the Hellenic Police,
  • studies (epidemiological, small scale, qualitative) on alcohol in Greece,
  • published papers on alcohol by Greek authors.

    In the near future, the Greek REITOX Focal Point will apply the Treatment Demand Indicator to alcohol abusers seeking treatment in Greece, in order to estimate their number and characteristics, as well as the implications for physical and mental health.

    Recent data (available in English) on alcohol use and abuse in Greece are presented in the latest 2010 National Report of the Greek REITOX Focal Point on the State of Drugs in Greece whcih was submitted to EMCDDA in November 2010.


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