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The problem drug use (PDU) indicator provides comparable and evidence-based estimates of the number and the profile of problem (i.e., dependent) drug users in the country.

EKTEPN started implementing the PDU indicator in 2002 by applying the multiple records or capture-recapture method to annual TDI data.

For more information about the implementation of the PDU indicator in Europe, click here.

Greece: prevalence of problem drug use. The latest available data (in English) are presented in the latest National Report of the Greek REITOX Focal Point on the State of Drugs in Greece, which was submitted to EMCDDA in November 2010. Click here to download the relevant chapter.
Europe: prevalence of problem drug use. Click here to download the latest EMCDDA report, 2010 ANNUAL REPORT:The State of the Drugs Problem in Europe, with the latest available data.

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