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The Treatment Demand Indicator (TDI) systematically records the profile of drug users who seek help from treatment programmes in the country (on a yearly basis).

User registration, both at the national and at the European level, is carried out in such a way as to ensure data reliability and comparability. EKTEPN implements the TDI according to its protocol (Standard Protocol 2.0) and reports data to the EMCDDA on a yearly basis.

EKTEPN collects data from a nationwide network, consisting of (drug-free and substitution) treatment programmes and low-threshold agencies.

Data collection is carried out by means of interview-administered individual questionnaires during the drug users' first contacts with the services. The questionnaire includes an anonymous identification code, enabling the agencies to submit individual data to EKTEPN while avoiding double counting.

For more information about the implementation of the TDI indicator in Europe, click here.

TDI form. Click here to download the TDI form (in Greek)
TDI Handbook. Click here to download the TDI Handbook with instructions for filling in the TDI form (in Greek).
Greece: number and profile of individuals seeking treatment. The latest available data (in English) are presented in the latest National Report of the Greek REITOX Focal Point on the State of Drugs in Greece, which was submitted to EMCDDA in November 2010. Click here to download the relevant chapter.
Europe: number and profile of individuals seeking treatment. Click here to download the latest EMCDDA report, 2010 ANNUAL REPORT:The State of the Drugs Problem in Europe, with the latest available data.

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