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Prevalence and patterns of drug use among the population, measured by probabilistic surveys of the adult and school population, is one of five key indicators that assess the drugs situation in the country. The use of common tools and methodology in such surveys leads to comparable data across Europe.

EKTEPN has been actively involved in the EMCDDA experts group working to compile guidelines for general population surveys since 1997. The guidelines provide a common research protocol and a questionnaire, recommended for use by the Member States in their national general population surveys, in order to ensure data comparability across Europe. In the nationwide survey conducted by the UMHRI in 2004, the methodology and the questionnaire used was fully harmonised with EKTEPN's general population survey indicator.

EKTEPN also reports data derived from UMHRI surveys to the European Union Databank on National Population Surveys on Drug Use.

For more information about the implementation of the general population indicator in Europe, click here.

Drug-related research form Click here to download the form (available in Greek) developed by EKTEPN for Greek researchers to report drug-related research projects they are involved in.
Paper abstracts, conference presentations, etc. Click here to download the form (available in Greek) developed by EKTEPN for submitting paper abstracts, conference presentations, etc.
Greece: latest available data on drug use prevalence in the population. The latest available data (available in English) are presented in the latest National Report of the Greek REITOX Focal Point on the State of Drugs in Greece, which was sumbitted to EMCDDA in November 2010. Click here to download the Report.
Europe: data on drug use prevalence in the population in Europe. Click here to download the latest EMCDDA report, 2010 ANNUAL REPORT:The State of the Drugs Problem in Europe, with the latest available data.

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